Dental Concerns Reston, VA

From tooth decay to missing teeth, dental concerns affect the function, appearance, and overall health of your smile. Understanding the oral body connection can help you understand the importance of addressing your dental health concerns. Ridgetop Dental places an emphasis on the importance of protecting your natural, beautiful smile through preventative dentistry. While dental concerns often seem small, they can quickly progress causing additional health complications. Routine preventative care visits at Ridgetop Dental can help you maintain your smile.

Ridgetop Dental provides comprehensive dental services for the treatment of a wide range of dental health concerns including TMJ therapy for the relief of chronic headaches and sleep apnea treatment. Our team of family dentists has advanced training in implant dentistry, Botox esthetic treatments, and cosmetic smile design. We offer comprehensive oral health exams and preventative dental care as well as personalized dental treatment plans to restore complex problems.
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Dental Health Concerns Reston, VA

Your dental wellness effects the health of your entire body. The health of your teeth and gums can impact all aspects of your life. Treating dental concerns in the earliest stages of development allows for more conservative treatment and prevention of secondary complications. Read more bellow about common dental concerns and how they may be impacting your life.

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