Discolored Teeth Reston, VA

Yellow or discolored teeth can make your smile appear unhealthy, and can have a negative impact your self-confidence. Tooth discoloration can be a result of several factors including genetics, medications, and lifestyle habits. Whitening your smile with cosmetic teeth whitening can take years off of your apperance and have a positive influence on your quality of life.

Ridgetop dental dentists Dr. Malyavantham, Dr. Hart and Dr. Sensebrenner offer cosmetic treatment options for improving the color of your teeth at our Reston, VA dentist office. Whether you are looking for a quick fix, or require a more advanced cosmetic treatment, our dental care team will help you to enhance your beautiful, natural smile.

teeth whitening service in Reston Virginia

Whiter Teeth in Reston, VA

Professional teeth whitening gel systems can help patients achieve a whiter brighter, more confident smile. Teeth whitening is economical and effective and can be completed in the home or in about just one hour in our Reston, VA dentist office. Our dental care team will help you choose which method of teeth whitening will help you achieve your goals within your budget.

Ridgetop Dental offers free whitening consultations to patients in the Reston, VA area. Our dentists conduct a custom shade analysis for personalized whitening results. Progressional teeth whitening is highly effective for most patients and can improve the apperance of your smile.

For patients with tooth staining that is resistant to whitening gels, Ridgetop Dental offers alternative cosmetic treatment options for whitening your teeth. Common resistant stains include damage to a tooth or spots caused by certain medications.

Alternative cosmetic whitening solutions include: