Full Arch Dental Implants Reston, VA

Full Arch Dental Implants An Overview

A removable denture has been the traditional tooth replacement option for edentulous patients, or those missing a full arch of teeth. Although dentures have benefited from advances made in both materials, adhesives and treatment planning technique, many patients will experience problems with comfort, fit and function over time. Fortunately, dental implants can offer a solution for these concerns, providing the ability to permanently secure a cosmetic denture for natural function and comfort.

Northern Virginia implant dentist Dr. Datta Malyavantham offers comprehensive care for tooth replacement and a full range of dental implant services for replacing a full arch or full mouth of missing teeth. An active member of professional organizations for implant dentistry, he works with patients on an individual basis to help them achieve a new smile that is healthy, comfortable and stable, allowing them to enjoy lasting oral health and the best possible quality of life. Dr. Datta performs all phases of the implant procedure in our dental office, making it more convenient for patients and providing a consistency of care that can lay the foundation for an optimal outcome.

dental implant secured denture in Reston Virginia
Dental implants enable Dr. Datta to provide a permanent, secure new smile that can last a lifetime and support your overall dental health. Key benefits for patients when using dental implants to secure a denture include:

  • Reduced bone loss in the jaw: dental implants also replace the lost tooth root, stabilizing bone in the jaw and minimizing changes in the shape of the jaw and fit of the bite that can occur over time after tooth loss.
  • Minimized irritation of the gums and soft tissues: a secure and stable implant supported denture will not rub against the gums, a common cause of discomfort and increased risk of periodontal disease with removable dentures.
  • No dietary restrictions: a permanent solution for missing teeth, implant dentures allow patients to enjoy the foods they enjoy and chew naturally, with comfort and confidence.
  • Normal speech: patients using implant supported dentures enjoy a 95% success rate, partly due to the ability to speak more clearly and with confidence.

Implant secured dentures enable patients to enjoy greater overall oral comfort and the taste and texture of foods. This is often impacted by an upper denture that covers a large portion of the palate. An implant denture will fit and feel much like your natural smile, secured permanently in place by several implants.

Same Day Smiles

Dr. Datta can work with edentulous patients or those needing a full mouth reconstruction to place their new smile the same day. Using the All-On-Four technique, any necessary tooth extractions, implant placement and the attachment of a denture can be accomplished simultaneously as a result of comprehensive treatment planning.

Our office is equipped with the latest technology and digital scanning, allowing our team to complete a thorough analysis, treatment planning and all phases of the procedure in the comfort of our office.

The staff, dental hygienists, and doctors are friendly, thorough, and professional. The office has a relaxed spa-like setting and a view of a pond from the dentist chairs.Lauren
Dr. Datta is a fantastic dentist. as a networking engineer I am always fascinated by the technology that he uses and appreciate the fact that he stays current and is always improving his skills. He is out of network for…Robert
Professional, welcoming, and modern dentistry. Was pointed to Dr. Shaw by a friend of mine and I couldn't be happier with the service. An excellent experience overall, highly recommend it.Nate

Full Arch Dental Implants What to Expect

The process for placing an implant supported denture begins with a consultation to evaluate your needs. Dr. Datta will meet with you to evaluate your dental health, discuss your personal goals and any health concerns you may have before making treatment recommendations. There is a range of techniques for placing implants and securing your new denture. Dr. Datta will work with you to choose a procedure that is best suited to your oral health condition and long term goals.

To place an implant denture, there will be two treatment phases. If tooth extractions or any type of bone or sinus grafting is needed to address existing dental problems, we will coordinate the necessary treatments into your overall treatment plan. The next step is to surgically place the titanium post(s) in the jaw bone, followed by a healing period of several months. Dr. Datta uses advanced 3-D scanning technology for more precise treatment planning, predictable results, and the best possible patient experience.

The number of implants placed will depend upon the treatment plan and whether you are securing a denture or replacing each lost tooth with a single dental implant. In most cases, a temporary denture will be placed to enable you to get used to the feel of your new smile and to allow the gums to adjust in shape before taking impressions for the final restoration.

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