Single Tooth Dental Implant Reston, VA

Single Tooth Dental Implant An Overview

The loss of a single tooth can set in motion a cascade of changes that can have a detrimental impact on your dental health. In addition to the visual change in the appearance of your smile when the visible part of the tooth is lost, the lost tooth root also leads to changes in both oral health and overall appearance as the jaw bone shrinks.

A missing tooth can lead to:

  • Shifting of existing teeth
  • Changes in the fit of the bite
  • Bone loss in the jaw
  • Changes in the appearance of the lower face over time
  • Increased risk for periodontal disease

Ridgetop Dental in Reston, VA is home to a team of experienced dental professionals who can work with you to replace a missing tooth with the most natural results possible using dental implants. Dr. Datta Malyavantham is a leading Northern Virginia dentist in implant dentistry and offers personalized, consultative dental care for the restoration of a beautiful and comfortable smile.

Our practice is equipped with advanced technology, including CBCT scanning, for analysis, more accurate treatment planning, and predictable results. Dr. Datta has been placing dental implants in Northern Virginia for over 15 years and is an active member of professional organizations for implant dentistry. He stays abreast of new techniques, materials, and technology used in implant dentistry for the benefit of our patients.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer key benefits for the long term dental health of patients who have lost one or more teeth. In addition to minimizing jaw shrinkage through stabilizing bone tissue, dental implants mimic the structure and appearance of natural teeth and restore the most natural function and aesthetics for patients.

Dr. Datta will educate you on all of your treatment options for your consideration and works with patients on an individual basis to replace missing teeth with the most suitable option. The overall health, concerns and long term goals of each patient are part of treatment planning with the goal of providing stable results and the best possible patient experience throughout the process.

The staff, dental hygienists, and doctors are friendly, thorough, and professional. The office has a relaxed spa-like setting and a view of a pond from the dentist chairs.Lauren
Dr. Datta is a fantastic dentist. as a networking engineer I am always fascinated by the technology that he uses and appreciate the fact that he stays current and is always improving his skills. He is out of network for…Robert
I cannot recommend this practice highly enough. Dr. Datta and Dr. Shaw are excellent, their work is top-notch. The office feels relaxed and peaceful and the staff is warm and welcoming.Judy

Single Tooth Dental Implant What to Expect

The first step in determining if a dental implant is the solution for your restorative needs is a thorough dental exam with Dr. Datta. He will evaluate all aspects of your oral health and discuss both your medical history and cosmetic goals as part of treatment planning.

Dr. Datta performs all phases of the implant process in the comfort of our Reston dental office, making your care consistent and convenient.

The dental implant process will be completed in stages over the course of several months time. This is to allow for sufficient healing of soft tissues for a stable and lasting result.

  • Implantation: We will begin by scheduling the surgical implantation of the post. After making you feel relaxed and comfortable with the chosen form of sedation or anesthetic, Dr. Datta will place the tiny titanium post into healthy jaw bone.
  • Uncovering of the post: once the gums have sufficiently healed and the post has begun to fuse with the jaw bone, Dr. Datta will uncover the post and attach the abutment. This collar shaped piece will be used to permanently secure the final restoration.
  • Placement of a dental crown: after a brief healing period, the final restoration will be placed. A custom fit and color matched dental crown will serve as a prosthetic tooth.

caring for dental implants northern va

Caring For Your Dental Implant

Your new dental implant will look, feel and function like a natural tooth. It is important to brush and floss your teeth, including the dental implant, daily to reduce the risk for decay and gum disease. We will show you how to effectively floss around the new implant.

Routine dental care is also an important part of a lasting result and long term dental health. During routine dental visits we will look for any signs of damage or disease and offer personalized advice based on your unique oral health risk factors.

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