Types of Dental Implants Reston, VA

Dr. Datta Malyavantham is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) and has years of experience and advanced training in the placement of all types of dental implants. Ridgetop Dental Reston provides full-service implant treatments all under one roof. Dr. Datta takes a comprehensive, hands-on approach to the planning, placement and restoration phases of your implant dentistry. Treatment planning plays a key role in your end res 3-D digital scans and digital x-rays to complete a thorough analysis of your oral structure and bite function.

The type of dental implant you receive will depend on the number and location of your missing teeth as well as your overall oral health. Reston VA dentist, Dr. Datta provides comprehensive dental exams to determine which type of dental implant is right for you.

Preparing For Implants

Healthy gum tissue, stable bone structure and overall good oral health are necessary for placing dental implants that will be secure and lasting. Many recent advances in materials and techniques have opened the door for a wider range of patients, making it possible to address concerns before placing implants.

For patients with compromised bone tissue, receding gums or other concerns that would impact the integrity of the end result, Dr. Datta offers treatment options to restore dental health. Bone and sinus grafting, gum grafts and other treatments can be used to establish a stable, healthy oral foundation to support dental implants.

Types of Dental Implants

single tooth dental implants northern vaDental Implant Secured by a Dental Crown – Even a single missing tooth can cause serious oral health issues. Dental implants are often recommended as the best choice to replace a single missing tooth.

Dr. Datta will surgically implant your dental implants on the healthiest, strongest bone tissue to ensure you get the best results. Once healed in about 3-6 months, the abutment will be attached, and a dental crown will be used to complete the restoration at our Reston, VA dentist office. The dental crown will be custom designed to aesthetically fit your natural smile.

implant secured bridge northern vaDental Implant Secured by a Dental Bridge– A dental bridge is often used to replace several consecutively missing teeth. A dental bridge is traditionally secured using prepared adjacent teeth. Dr. Datta will recommend securing a dental bridge with dental implants.

Dental implants provide more structural support for the jaw and bite and need less maintenance. Two or more implant posts will be surgically implanted in the jaw by Dr. Datta at his Reston, VA dentist office. These posts will permanently secure the dental bridge restoration.

implant secured dentures northern vaDental Implant Secured Denture (All-On-Four®) – Dentures can be secured using strategically placed dental implants if you are missing a full set of teeth. Many patients struggle with ill-fitted dentures which are prone to slipping or falling out, causing embarrassment for patients.

Implant secured dentures, or All-On-Four®, can offer a more comfortable and lasting result when all of the top or bottom teeth are lost. Dr. Datta will strategically place as few as four dental implants in the jaw which will maintain a healthy jaw bone structure and secure a hybrid denture. All-On-Four® dental implants allow patients to enjoy a diet without restriction and can help patients feel more confident in their smile.

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