Custom Mouthguard Reston, VA

Sports Mouthguard An Overview

Sports mouthguards are custom designed to protect the teeth and gums of athletes during play. For the active patient, a well fit mouthguard can actually improve their performance on the field. Your dentist in Reston, VA recommends wearing mouthguards during intense physical activity. From football to soccer, skiing to biking, wearing a custom mouthguard can help you perform at your best with the peace of mind that your smile is fully protected.

Custom mouthguards offer superior protection in comparison to over the counter options. They are designed to fit your mouth for comfortable and secure protection. Studies show that they increase your strength and endurance by allowing athletes to focus on the game, not one biting down to keep a mouthguard in place. Constant clenching of the jaw during athletic activity releases cortisol, decreasing your ability to perform at your maximum capacity. Habitual jaw clenching may also increase your risk of damaging you jaw joint leading to more complex bite problems in the future.

Custom mouthguards tend to have a higher compliance rate among young athletes. Sports mouthguards designed by your dentist enable you to drink fluids without having to remove your mouthguard reducing the risk of losing or damaging the device.

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Sports Mouthguard What to Expect

Choosing a custom sports mouthguard is an investment in your oral health. Dr. Datta completes the design process in just one visit to your Reston, VA dentist office. A noninvasive and painless procedure, you can be fitted with a mouthguard in only 20 minutes.

Your Ridgetop dentist will take impressions of your teeth and jaw. The impressions are used to create a well fit dental appliance that will stay securely in your mouth while participating in sports. A custom mouthguard can be designed to fit over braces or other oral devices comfortably. Your custom appliance will be ready in about ten days.

We offer sports mouthguards for children and adult athletes. Dr. Datta reccomeneds that all athletes wear a custom-fit mouthguard for added protection. We offer a variety of color options to make wearing your mouthguard more fun.