Dental Crown Reston, VA

Dental Crowns An Overview

CEREC digital dentistry technology logoRidgetop Dental uses CEREC technology to create same day dental crowns. CEREC technology fabricates high-end dental crowns used to treat a range of cosmetic and restorative dental concerns from closing tooth gaps to replacing missing teeth. CEREC technology allows a dental crown to be custom designed and fit in just a single visit to our Reston, VA dentist office.


Dental Crowns can be used to treat a range of dental concerns:

CEREC technology allows a dental crown to be custom designed and fit in just a single visit to our Reston, VA dentist office. We use the highest quality materials and CEREC technology to create beautiful dental crown restorations used to treat a range of cosmetic and functional dental concerns.

CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology and digital imaging to create highly durable and natural looking dental crowns. They are both stain and decay resistant. Designed to blend seamlessly with your adjacent teeth, CEREC dental crowns are nearly impossible to distinguish from natural teeth.

Dental Crowns What to Expect

Your Ridgetop dentist will help you design a personal treatment plan tailored to address your dental health and meet your cosmetic goals. There are a lot of reasons patients may choose a dental crown, treatment may vary depending on the purpose of the dental crown.

The tooth receiving the dental crown will be prepared by your Ridgetop Dental dentist. Dr.Datta, Dr. Shaw or Dr. Sensenbrenner will begin by removing a minimal amount of tooth structure making room to securely fit the dental crown. Using digital imagining impressions will be taken and used with the CEREC technology to plan and then mill a custom crown. Your dental crown will be custom matched to your natural smile.

The dental crown fits snugly over the existing tooth and secured using a dental bonding agent. The dental crown is then smoothed and polished for a beautiful, natural result. In most cases, patients are able to leave our Reston office with their final restoration.

If a dental implant is needed, Dr. Datta will coordinate all stages of the implant procedure. Dental implants will be placed and allowed to heal for a full 3-6 months prior to receiving a final dental crown.

Broken Dental Crowns

A damaged or broken dental crown needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to minimize the impact on your oral health. Contact our office in the event of a broken crown for advice on how to address it or the same day dental appointment.

Our Reston dental office can provide same day crown replacement using CEREC technology. Unique CAD/CAM software and digital scanning enable Dr. Datta and our associates to design and place a custom ceramic or porcelain dental crown while you wait. Patients can leave our office the same day with restored dental health and a beautiful smile.

Dental Crowns FAQs

What kind of dental crown is best?

There are pros and cons to the different types of materials used in creating your dental crowns. Ceramic and porcelain crowns provide colors that match your teeth for a more aesthetically conscious result. That being said, these choices often do not provide the same strength and resilience that porcelain crowns fused to meal provides.

Can you whiten a dental crown?

Dental crowns cant not be whitened, so its best to either choose a color that matches your teeth currently or whiten your teeth to match your dental crown.

What can you eat after getting a dental crown?

For the first few days its best to sick to soft foods to allow the crown an adequate amount of time to adhere to the tooth. In this time you should also be careful about brushing your crown with the same force you brush your teeth. Take it easy for the first few days and then eating a brushing can return to normal.


Why choose Ridgetop Dental?

Dr. Datta and the team of dental professionals at Ridgetop Dental in Reston, VA offer a full range of general, restorative and cosmetic dental services under one roof. From disease prevention to implant dentistry, you can expect experienced oral health care delivered in a caring, personalized manner. Our office is designed with the patient experience in mind, from massage dental chairs to sedation dentistry options for anxious patients.

Dr. Datta is a leading Northern Virginia dentist for the treatment of complex dental problems and missing teeth. His advanced training and expertise help patients rebuild damaged smiles with results that are natural looking and lasting.