Family Dentistry Reston, VA

Caring for your child’s growing smile can build a foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. Early visits to the dentist can help them develop a positive relationship with our dentist office, making visiting twice a year an enjoyable experience. Dr. Datta and his dental associates recommend that parents begin bringing their child to the dentist once the primary teeth begin emerging.

Your dentists in Reston at Ridgetop Dental focus pediatric dental care on age-appropriate patient education and smile maintenance. Our dental care team helps create a comfortable setting where your child can learn about their teeth and the importance of keeping them healthy. We help to track the development of your child’s teeth to allow for early intervention of any developing dental concerns.
children's dentist in Reston, VA

Comprehensive Family Dental Care

Children with developing smiles have unique dental concerns through different stages of growth. Our dental care team works to maintain their natural smile and help their teeth develop properly. We monitor your child’s oral health screening for common concerns such as tooth decay, overcrowding, or gum disease. We offer a range of dental services tailored to the oral health needs of growing smiles.

  • Education on oral health
  • Dental cleanings
  • Thorough analysis of developing teeth
  • Screening for bruxism, tooth decay and oral disease
  • Sealants
  • Sports mouthguards
  • Emergency services
  • Invisalign for teens

Cavity Prevention In Children

Tooth decay is one of the leading childhood diseases and can be largely prevented with routine dental care and good oral hygiene. Dr. Datta and our team of dental professionals can help parents and caregivers establish a healthy oral foundation for a growing smile. During routine dental visits, we screen for the early signs of tooth decay for prompt and conservative treatment. Using a small handheld intra-oral camera we can spot changes that can indicate decay before more obvious signs appear or the child experiences discomfort.

We will also recommend the placement of dental sealants once the permanent molars come in. An easy procedure that involves “painting on” a clear resin material, dental sealants are placed on larger teeth with multiple cusps to prevent decay. Dental sealants can last for up to 10 years, reducing the incidence of decay as your child’s permanent teeth erupt.

One of the most important aspects of our family dentistry is teaching young patients how to care for their growing smile with age-appropriate oral hygiene advice. Our team will discuss the benefits of maintaining a healthy smile and demonstrate proper brushing techniques during routine visits. A healthy, comfortable and naturally functioning smile will support your child’s speech development and their overall sense of confidence in their appearance.

Choosing A Family Dentist

While pediatric dentistry focuses solely on children’s oral health, Ridgetop Dental operates on a unique family dentistry platform. Family dentistry allows your family’s oral health to grow with us. We provide tailored dental treatment and personalized and attentive care in a welcoming, modern dental office.

We offer flexible hours to accommodate your family’s busy schedule. We also provide same day emergency dental services and offer sedation dentistry for patients with dental anxiety. We are here for all of your family’s oral health needs making us your one-stop dental practice in Reston, VA. Give us a call at (571) 313-7010, or request an appointment online today.