Gum Contouring Treatment Reston, VA

Gum Contouring An Overview

The gums are an essential aspect of the overall health and appearance of the smile. Gums that are too long, too short, or misshapen can cause aesthetic and structural concerns. There are many factors that can impact the health and contour of the gum line.

  • Gum Recession: Gum recession is often a result of advanced gum disease. The gum line becomes inflamed and begins to peel away from teeth. Over time the gum line becomes pushed up, exposing too much of the tooth and even compromising the stability of the teeth. Gum recession increases the risk of tooth loss.
  • Gummy Smiles: Some patients have a gummy smile where the gum line covers too much of the surface of the tooth. Gummy smiles are more commonly aesthetic concerns causing the smile to look unbalanced, but may also make it difficult for patients to receive certain dental restorations.

Gum Contouring & Laser Dentistry

Ridgetop Dental uses state of the art laser therapy to reshape the gum line. Laser dentistry has replaced traditional gum surgery, an invasive surgical procedure that required sutures and long downtimes. Using laser dentistry, Dr. Datta is able to restore the gum line, creating a balanced, natural and healthy gum line.

Laser treatment actually promotes patients healing response and improving the conditions and wellness of the gums.

A personalized treatment plan will be formulated to address all of your dental health concerns. Patients often choose laser treatment for gum health due to the short and long-term benefits laser dentistry provides.

The benefits of laser dentistry include:

  • No scalpels and in most cases no sutures
  • Less pain and discomfort
  • Minimal bleeding or swelling
  • Little to no downtime
  • Accurate treatment
  • Stimulate healing response

Gum Contouring What to Expect

Using laser dentistry our dentists are able to reshape the gum tissue bringing balance to the tooth to gum ration. Laser dentistry allows for gentle treatment that reduces the risk of infection, promotes faster healing times and protects healthy tissue from unnecessary trauma.

Your Reston VA dentist will apply a local anesthetic as needed for optimal comfort during treatment. Then, they will use the laser to remove or readjust existing tissue gently and gradually creating a beautiful gum line. The laser removes and cauterizes tissues in unison to initiate the body’s natural healing response. Laser therapy is typically painless and patients experience minimal to no bleeding and swelling.

Dr. Datta has attended advanced training courses in laser dentistry. With years of experience, Dr. Datta is able to create natural gum lines to improve the health and aesthetics of patients’ smiles. Dr. Datta’s background and training in cosmetic dentistry give him a unique eye for symmetry and facial aesthetics to ensure that your smile looks and feels great.