Root Canal Reston, VA

Root Canal An Overview

Root canals are a conservative treatment option for advanced tooth decay. Ridgetop VA dentists Dr. Datta, Dr. Sensenbrenner and Dr. Shaw almost always recommend a root canal treatment in efforts to save the natural tooth from extraction when a dental filling is no longer a suitable treatment option.

A root canal procedure is needed when the inner most part of a tooth, called the pulp, becomes infected or inflamed or is injured. In a healthy tooth, the enamel and dentin layers will protect the pulp. These layers can be breached and cause damage to the pulp when tooth decay (a cavity) is left untreated. Cavities will erode these layers and eventually spread to the inner part of your tooth, allowing bacteria to get to the pulp. Damage to the pulp can also be caused by cracks in the tooth that exposes the pulp and trauma to the tooth that can be caused by hard impact, teeth grinding, or jaw misalignment.

Damage to the pulp can cause many painful symptoms. These include pain in the tooth, swelling, sensitivity to hot and cold, and your gums to feel hot. The only way to relieve this pain is to remove the infected pulp. A common misconception with a root canal is that it is very painful when in actuality the pain is from the infection itself. A root canal procedure is very similar to getting a tooth filling and most people will feel a sense of relief once the infection has been removed. It is a routine treatment that will remove the decayed tissue from the root canal of the tooth leaving most of the tooth intact. An infected tooth should be treated as soon as possible to avoid the need for a tooth extraction.

Reston, VA area dentist office Ridgetop Dental offers root canal procedures from the comfort of our family-friendly dentist office. Your dentist will discuss available sedation options if necessary.


Professional, welcoming, and modern dentistry. Was pointed to Dr. Shaw by a friend of mine and I couldn't be happier with the service. An excellent experience overall, highly recommend it.Nate
Dr. Shaw & the team at Ridgetop Dental in Reston are a dream. I have dealt with anxiety & fear of the dentist my whole life & they are beyond patient with me, visit after visit. They talk me through…Jeanna
Dr. Diana is great and really makes you feel comfortable while you're in there. Had a cavity filled and was in and out so quickly. I have TMJ so dental work is my least favorite thing. I'm usually in pain…Laura P.

Root Canal What to Expect

A root canal is a routine dental treatment. If sedation dentistry is required, the patient will be made comfortable before beginning treatment. Most patients are able to receive their root canal with the use of a local anesthetic. That is directly injected into your gums near the infected tooth. You will feel a pinch and maybe a burning sensation but it will quickly pass.

Root Canal Procedure in Reston, VA

Your dentist will create a tiny hole in the back of the tooth to gain access to the root canal. Using specialized tools, you dentist will gently remove the decayed tissue from the center of the tooth. Next, they will disinfect, fill and seal the inside of the tooth.

Once the tooth is cleaned patients typically receive a dental crown to support the structure of the tooth long-term. Ridgetop Dental offers same day dental crowns using CEREC technology. Your dental crown will be designed to match your adjacent teeth and will be fabricated in office while you wait. Patients who choose a CEREC dental crown can often receive their root canal and final restoration in a single visit to our dentists in Reston, VA.


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