Reston VA Dentist Office Patient Testimonials

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Laura P.

Dr. Diana is great and really makes you feel comfortable while you're in there. Had a cavity filled and was in and out so quickly. I have TMJ so dental work is my least favorite thing. I'm usually in pain for a couple days after a cavity fill but this was the first time that I didn't have any pain the next day. Everyone is super friendly and great at showing and explaining what's going…


Dr. Shaw & the team at Ridgetop Dental in Reston are a dream. I have dealt with anxiety & fear of the dentist my whole life & they are beyond patient with me, visit after visit. They talk me through every procedure & tool they are going to use & show a level of care that is unparalleled in my experience. If you’re looking for a new dentist with a fantastic team of hygienists &…


Professional, welcoming, and modern dentistry. Was pointed to Dr. Shaw by a friend of mine and I couldn't be happier with the service. An excellent experience overall, highly recommend it.


You don't understand - I am so very afraid. So so so afraid. I had been to so many dentists in the last few years and I was just over it. The terror, the pain, the discomfort... One day I overheard a random person talking about Ridgetop and how amazing and non-scary they were. I figured it's worth trying them out - whats one more dentist? I went once and I was hooked. They weren't…


We have been visiting Ridgetop Dental in Reston for more than year and I can tell that we have been very happy with the care we have been receiving from Dr. Datta, Dr. Shaw and Hygienist Roya. Office interiors looks more like an art studio than a doctor's office. While I leave with pleasant and positive feeling after every visit, I must say that Hygienist Roya is very thorough and detail oriented in providing service.…


Excellent experience here. This was my first dental appointment in over four years, first time at Ridgetop and I was really impressed. The entire team was welcoming and the office is beautiful. Everything about the appointment - a cleaning (no question the best, most comfortable one I've ever had), x-rays, and a very comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Shaw - was easy and efficient. Dr. Shaw is clearly a thoughtful dentist with a great "chairside" manner.…


I cannot recommend this practice highly enough. Dr. Datta and Dr. Shaw are excellent, their work is top-notch. The office feels relaxed and peaceful and the staff is warm and welcoming.


Dr. Datta is a fantastic dentist. as a networking engineer I am always fascinated by the technology that he uses and appreciate the fact that he stays current and is always improving his skills. He is out of network for me, but he is that good that I am willing to pay more for his services!


The team at Ridgetop Dental provided top notch treatment, service, and hospitality when I needed to get a cleaning and a filling. The front desk staff was extremely helpful and welcoming upon arrival, and I was immediately put at ease by the hygienist. After the cleaning, Dr. Shaw expertly walked me through the proposed treatment plan and was able to take advantage of the new office's advanced technology to show me precisely what she planned…


Very pleasant experience. I have a dental phobia and avoid going at all costs. After a less than pleasant experience with another local dentist (failed root canal), I went to Doctor Datta. First and foremost, I was impressed with the professionalism and concern for my situation that the staff provided. Linda, the office manager, ensured I received an appointment as soon as possible. Dr. Datta sat down with me before I went into a dentist…


The staff, dental hygienists, and doctors are friendly, thorough, and professional. The office has a relaxed spa-like setting and a view of a pond from the dentist chairs.